4 Most Common Types Of Birth Injuries

If you have a newborn baby, and the baby experiences an injury due to the negligence of the doctor or hospital, you may be able to file a birth injury claim against the provider. It's ideal to know some of the most common types of birth injuries that are typically filed in the event that you're faced with this difficult situation. Broken Bones One of the injuries that occur most frequently in newborn babies is broken or fractured bones. Read More 

Frightening Facts Every Driver Must Know About Semi-Truck Accidents

There are a lot of dangers that every driver must face every time they climb behind the wheel of their vehicle. However, there is one big threat that is definitely unavoidable and incredibly dangerous: sharing the roadways with large trucks and semis. To better understand your risks, it is a good idea to become familiar with some of the most disturbing facts about semi truck drivers and accidents.  Drug and Alcohol Abuse is High Among Drivers Read More 

Behaviors That Can Lead To A Motorcycle Accident

There are more motorcycle accidents in the summer than any other time of year. It makes sense. The good weather allows for more time out with the bike, and so there are more motorcycles on the road. The question is, what's causing all of these accidents? Improper Experience and Protection Motorcycle accidents, like any other accident, can occur for any number of reasons. One of the main causes is a lack of riding skill. Read More 

FAQs About Appealing A Social Security Disability Benefits Denial

If you are unable to work, a denial for Social Security disability benefits could mean you are without income entirely. Fortunately for you, not all denials are permanent and you can file an appeal. Before you file the appeal, there are several things to consider.  Why Were You Denied? A big part of making the decision to appeal a denial of benefits is understanding why the Social Security Administration, or SSA, felt that you were not entitled to receive assistance. Read More