Filing A Birth Defect Claim When A Child Is Born With Down Syndrome

Parents put a great deal of trust and confidence into the hands of the healthcare workers in charge of their care during pregnancy and birth. For this reason, someone has to be held accountable when families discover that their physician may have been negligent in their efforts.  One such incidence is when a physician fails to diagnose Down syndrome before birth. A child born with Down syndrome is not a hardship, but it is a scenario in which parents deserved to be forewarned so that they could plan accordingly. Read More 

Car Accidents and the Initial Investigation

When the worst happens and you are involved in a car accident, you may be unaware of what is happening at the scene. Several things may be occurring at once and what looks like chaos to you is really the amazing work of first responders doing their jobs to protect you and others. While you are being whisked off to the hospital, the accident scene is being cleared and there is an investigation being initiated. Read More