Four Areas Of Personal Injury People May Overlook

People often associate personal injury law with car accidents, but there are many injuries that may entitle you to money, and with a personal injury attorney, you may be able to collect from those responsible for your injury. The following are a few overlooked areas of personal injuries. Assault and battery Obviously, when you are assaulted, you are a victim of a crime, but what many overlook is that there are monetary damages that can be collected from the person who attacked you. Read More 

Supporting Veterans With Difficult VA Claims

Dealing with the Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claim system is no difficult task. The information required can be confusing and a lot of the evidence needed may be missing if your previous tours of duty lacked decent administrative organization. If you're working on appealing a claim decision or haven't seen any movement on your claim for a few months, take time to understand what the problem could be and how an attorney could help. Read More